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A few things to consider when thinking of a domain name


Thinking of a domain name can initially be a struggle to many small businesses. Firstly being a UK business you will either want a .co.uk or the latest .uk domain name. In terms of the .uk this was launched to expand the UK domain registration options and is really helpful if you can’t avoid that lengthy domain name. Perhaps we should of thought about our domain www.visionwebmarketing.co.uk and used our .uk domain name when we launched our website with that very long name! It does make a difference when typing in the URL to Google or even worse when you have to email someone with an even longer name!

Now that you’ve made your decision on whether it will be a .co.uk or a .uk, it could be that you’re a sole trader or an individual counselling service for example. Do I create a fancy name for my business or just go with my name? Ultimately this is down to you but I guess people buy from people and when it’s a small business that personal touch goes a long way.

We came across a really good article from an online accountants Crunch have a read and I’m sure it will offer you even more food for thought when thinking of names for your business and how to tie that in with your domain name.

VisionWeb Marketing are always happy to talk about domain name ideas so please contact us anytime and you can use us as a sounding board.


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